The Story of Jabez

This is Jabez. Our very first Hope Mending Hearts aid recipient. He was hit by a car and abondoned by his family. A Good Samaritan brought him to Dr. Brooks to see if she could help. This little pup was broken pretty badly, but there was still a gleam in his eyes and a hope that we just might be able to assemble of team with the skills to repair his broken pelvis, back and repair his skin injuries. A skilled surgeoun donated his time (over 6 hours of surgery) to repair Jabez’s hip and leg in order for him to walk again.

Another surgery repaired a skin defect; this surgery time was also donated.

Multiple months of boarding and rehabilitation and medications were also donated by yet another veterinarian.

And eventually a home was provided by an amazing veterinary technician.

While we specialized in helping owner’s with financial resources for their pets, when a life can return to “normal,” Hope Mending Hearts will find a way to intervene and become an advocate for an animal that has been abandoned.

We work closely with several rescue groups and a multitude of veterinarians in the St. Louis area.

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