This is Natalie

This is Natalie. She belongs to a beautiful woman surviving cancer.

Natalie got caught up in her owner’s recliner and broke her leg. Given the major expenses of cancer therapy, Natalie’s mom had no money to help her little pup and other clinics suggested euthanizing the dog because she could not survive the compound fracture to her right hind leg.

Hope Mending Heart stepped in and assisted not only with surgical intervention, but 7 days of post-operative care for Natalie because her owner was in a wheelchair for that week. Natalie is doing great post-operatively and is her owner is thrilled to have had the experience with HMH.

She hopes to be able to give back to the cause when she is released from medical restrictions and can go back to work.

The Story of Tigger

This is Tigger. Tigger’s owner suffered a severe stroke and had no family to take in or care for him.

HMH took Tigger in and cared for him for more than 4 moths. Approaching month 5, Tigger began developing some medical problems that were found to be consistent with a brain tumor.

HMH volunteers loved Tigger as their own while his owner was away, even to the day of his passing. Since this time, Tigger’s owner has also passed due to her heart condition.

We hope they are together somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge looking down upon this organization with love.

The Story of Luke

This is Luke.

He jumped a fence and sustained a pretty severe injury to his foot. The owner was a military soldier that has been unable to work due to PTSD. Luke is his only connection with reality. He receives military benefits, but spends much of his time homeless. He had no income to help his friend and thought he may just have to surrender him.

HMH could not let that happen.

The Story of Jabez

This is Jabez. Our very first Hope Mending Hearts aid recipient. He was hit by a car and abondoned by his family. A Good Samaritan brought him to Dr. Brooks to see if she could help. This little pup was broken pretty badly, but there was still a gleam in his eyes and a hope that we just might be able to assemble of team with the skills to repair his broken pelvis, back and repair his skin injuries. A skilled surgeoun donated his time (over 6 hours of surgery) to repair Jabez’s hip and leg in order for him to walk again.

Another surgery repaired a skin defect; this surgery time was also donated.

Multiple months of boarding and rehabilitation and medications were also donated by yet another veterinarian.

And eventually a home was provided by an amazing veterinary technician.

While we specialized in helping owner’s with financial resources for their pets, when a life can return to “normal,” Hope Mending Hearts will find a way to intervene and become an advocate for an animal that has been abandoned.

We work closely with several rescue groups and a multitude of veterinarians in the St. Louis area.

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The Story of Leo

This is Leo. He was neutered at a low cost neuter clinic for $10. After his neuter, he developed a very serious infection that necrotized all the tissue of his scrotum and perianal area.

The low cost clinic refused to help the owner and it was suggested the cat be euthanatized. Dr. Brooks was contacted about the case and put wheels in motion to get a surgical specialist involved to reconstruct the muscle tissue and skin of Leo’s body so that he could survive.

Leo’s owner was a lovely elderly woman on a fixed income with absolutely no savings. Without people like you supporting Hope Mending Hearts, Leo would have had to be euthanized. He is currently a happy and healthy kitty.